Noel's Hot-Stops

Where to #FindNoel

Check out the dates below to find out when I’ll be visitin’ your campus. I’ll need yiz to give me a hand getting round though! If you find me, bring me to my next destination and tweet a pic of the two of us with the ‘#FindNoel’ and there could be an iPhone or a lovely t-shirt coming your way.

You students are going places...

To make sure they’re the right places, have a gander at my interactive campus maps, or if yer a DIT or TCD head download my core route map for the main routes servin’ the city! They’ve got all the info you need about each campus, and what bus will get you there.

You can also find info on tickets and student Leap cards, so you can save your cash for pot noodles, discos and that.

Use #FindNoel to find out when I’ll be visitin’ your campus. Giz a hand gettin’ round and I’ll sort you out with some fancy prizes.

And sure while you’re here, visit my depot and have a goo of my internet vids.